Three Best Perks of a Salt Water Pool System

While most people associate swimming pools with chlorine, salt water pools have actually been popular for thousands of years, dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Chlorine keeps pool water relatively clean, but it comes with so many downsides that more and more pool owners are now eagerly switching to saltwater systems when they work with pool service companies.

Basic Facts About Salt Water Systems

Unlike basic chlorine systems that use manufactured chlorine added to the water, a salt water system utilizes a salt cell or salt generator to sanitize water as it passes through. Many people incorrectly believe that this makes the water extremely salty, but salt water pools actually only have 1/10 the salinity of ocean water. Since a salt water system only uses dissolved salt to produce natural sanitizing agents via electrolysis, it is a much safer and healthier mechanism to keep your pool clean.

Better Water

Pool salt water systems boast softer water that feels smooth and silky to touch, almost like rain water. Since chlorinated water often feels abrasive, this is a welcome change. Better yet, saltwater is linked to a number of health benefits, including less sensitivity, relief from eczema, and even allergy support.

Fewer Health Risks

Chlorine has been connected to a number of health concerns that you most likely want to avoid. Not only have studies connected extensive chlorine exposure to dementia in the elderly, but it’s also now believed that chlorinated pools are responsible for the development of asthma symptoms in frequent swimmers. Of course, we all know that chlorinated water irritates the eyes. Storing chlorine is also a problem of its own, since exposure to undiluted chlorine can be toxic.

Minimized Maintenance

Rather than adding and measuring chlorine on a regular basis, having a saltwater system allows you to take a more hands off approach to your pool maintenance. Your salt water system produces natural chlorine has needed using the salt cell, so you only need to check in periodically.
Overall, there’s no doubt that a salt water pool system makes it possible to enjoy your backyard pool in an entirely different way.