Tips and Tricks to Fight off Fleas and Ticks This Season

The sunshine and warmth of the spring and summer seasons are irresistible, but the fleas and ticks that come along with the beautiful weather are extreme nuisances. It is very important to implement a purposeful flea and tick management strategy this time of year in order to minimize the damage these pests can do to your home, your pets, and your family.

Frustrating Fleas

Fleas are every pet owner’s worst nightmare, just ask the tampa pest control guys over at Green Solutions. The tiny parasites draw blood from a host like a dog or cat and end up infesting lawns, gardens, linens, and any other indoor or outdoor habitat they find comfortable. Since one single flea can live on a dog or cat for almost two months, and one flea will lay 2,000 eggs in her lifetime, fleas are critical to keep under control and prevent before they become a major problem. Even worse, fleas are known to spread dog tapeworm and bacterial diseases to dogs, cats, and humans alike.

You can work to fight off fleas on your own by medicating your pets, giving your pets regular baths, mowing and maintaining your landscaping, and vacuuming the carpets on a regular basis. However, even the cleanest and best kept homes can fall victim to fleas since they spread from host to host. The best solution to fleas is to hire a pest management company to protect your indoor and outdoor environments with a Flea Control Shield. This type of pest management will protect your pets and family members from flea bites while also making it impossible for fleas to thrive.

Terrible Ticks

Ticks are every bit as frustrating as fleas. They are also blood sucking parasites that are found in the wilderness and often transported by mammals into residential areas. It’s all too easy for dog or child to become a host for a tick while playing at the park or in the yard, even with a reliable tampa lawn care company. When a tick attaches to its host, it sucks blood until it becomes engorged. Unfortunately, many ticks carry Lyme disease, an illness that causes lethargy, joint pain, fever, and swollen lymph nodes, and requires antibiotics to eliminate.
Aside from wearing bug repellant and checking for ticks after spending time outside, the best preventative measure against ticks is pest management. A professional pest management company will have products specifically geared toward ticks, and they will spray applications indoors and outdoors for long term control.